4 Steps for Adding Mini Wine Fridge to Walk-In Pantry

Wine fridges are a stylish and practical addition to a kitchen. They’re the ideal solution to keep wine and other alcoholic drinks cool and dry without taking up a lot of room. A wine fridge in the kitchen allows wine drinkers and party planners quick access when partying or establishing a prosecco collection.

People usually think about how a mini fridge can be properly stored in a walk-in pantry. To properly store a mini fridge in the pantry, make sure there is enough space around the fridge’s edges. Fridges need appropriate ventilation to function and release heat properly. The pantry should have space to enable heat to escape.

In this article, we’ll go through how to install a mini wine fridge in a walk-in pantry correctly, as well as the safety and functionality considerations.

Measure the Space before Adding Wine Fridge

The First thing that you need to do before adding a wine fridge to your pantry is you should take measurements of your pantry. You should make sure that the pantry is broader and bigger so your fridge can take optimal space. If you don’t take proper measurements, you will not be able to install your wine fridge properly, and it will look imperfect.

On the other hand, you must provide adequate room for the fridge door to open and shut easily. It’s also a good idea to keep the fridge away from the other cabinets of the pantry.

Takedown Pantry Shelves if necessary.

It’s best if your mini wine fridge is at the bottom of the rack, and any additional storage that could be obstructing circulation is removed. The shelf in the majority of pantries should be easily removable from the inside.

You can remove the shelves with the help of a drill machine. If Storage is not a problem, then you can remove the shelves for the sake of better ventilation of the bridge.

Leave plenty of room for wiring and ventilation.

Keeping your mini fridge in a well-ventilated place can help it last longer. It is recommended that you provide an appropriate area for ventilation when measuring storage space. The space you must leave may be at the bottom or on the side, depending on the model of mini fridge you choose.

Because the coil on certain mini wine fridges is on the side, you’ll have to allow the room there. The coil is responsible for releasing all of the heat, and it requires appropriate ventilation.

You’ll need to make sure that you do proper wiring. Remember that cables are more than just thin, long, and round things, so you need to have a power socket nearby to make the fridge work.

Safety and Functional Concerns

It is safe to store a mini wine fridge in a pantry since there are few dangers of overheating or hazards. To reduce the chance of a fire, make sure there are no combustible items in the vicinity, such as cardboard.


You may be uncertain about how to store your mini-fridge due to storage space constraints or style, but as long as it has enough space to breathe on all sides, you may feel fine placing it in your pantry.